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What is Psychic Guidance?

In short Psychic Guidance is when you rely on Psychics to help you make those decisions which you’re not quite sure about.

Psychic Guidance as a Life Coach skill has been around for years. People who understand what Psychics are, usually liaise with Psychics to determine the crux of any situation and what would be it’s best suitable outcome. We have a section on Psychics and their abilities here.

We are all born with this innate intuition ability of knowing our place in this earthly realm. This ability is our Sensory Perspective which enables us to see through the Brow Chakra (some also refer to this as the Sixth Sense) beyond the 5 senses (Touch, Taste, Listen, Vision, Smell). This sixth sense is how we communicate with the Spiritual Realm. Try to listen to those deeper voices deep in our Inner Sanctum, just like a Monk when he/she meditates they are perfecting their sixth sense ability and thereby connecting with the Spirit Guides with a much stronger connection. Another example would also be one of a chef, who will perfect the taste of his dish (upon his/her tongue) after years and years of cooking and mastering that skill of cookery, and or a craftsman, who will master the art of their craft after years and years of constant practice. Once they have completed their dish or craft, it will then stand in awe of everyone to appreciate.

Similarly a Psychic is in constant pursuit of perfecting that innate Sixth Sense ability. Over time they can simply tune into your Spirit Guides and tell you about things/matters which are beyond your 5 sensory elements. A good Psychic will be able to tell you about your Past, Present and Future based on limited information you provide them. This is because a lot of the information is coming from your Spirit Guides.

In our previous article we spoke about Psychic Therapy and its benefits and why some of us need it more than others. Similarly Psychic Guidance is an abstract of Psychic Therapy. Psychic Therapy is primarily for those who make decisions whilst being charged on their ego’s, pride etc, but Psychic Guidance is primarily for those who understand their situation, but not quite sure of its end result, outcome and or wider implications.

It doesn’t matter from what walk of life you come from, Psychic Guidance is beneficial for us all, be it in Business, Career, Job, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Disputes and may other various segments of life. Most people at the top of their game have got there with some kind of Guidance, and you will find those people are more in tune with their innate Sixth Sense ability then most of us.

Psychic Guidance can be very rewarding and Life Changing from the right Psychic. A good Psychic will be able to tune into your Spirit Guides and provide you the with the messages they are trying to relay back to you. It’s on the back of those messages your actions therein lead to a more Happier, Joyful, Successful life.

Psychic Readings in general are usually very Uplifting, Motivational, Energetic and Rewarding. Once you have had a general exposure to a Psychic Reading, you will then mostly like want to remain in contact with that Psychic. As you would’ve had an experience with a stranger that you you’ve never had before. Which will later give rise to your connection as Psychic Guidance with your appointed Psychic.

Here at PsychicLines.net we have some of the World’s Best Psychics on Platform. Our Psychics have helped people from all walks of life better understand their situations, guided them and helped them make better informed decisions.

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