SMS Readings

At we provide Esoteric services through our SMS platform as well. This is a very fast and effective way of getting answers to your simple and basic queries. If your query is of a complex nature, then your best bit is to speak to one of our gifted, accomplished and well acclaimed Psychic Readers.

The best use of our SMS service is for you to follow the following guide:-

1) Text LINES and then state your full name.
2) Your Date of Birth and Age.
3) If your question or query is about another individual i.e. your partner, lover, colleague, friend etc, then please also state their full name and date of Birth (only if you have it, but it is not necessary) followed by their age (their age is important. A reader will need to know that).
4) Followed by your question.

A typical example would be:- LINES John Smith, d.o.b: 1/10/79. age 35. Will my partner Kate Jones get her promotion at work? her age is 39.

Another example:- LINES John Smith, 1/10/79, age 35. What does my future hold for me?


UK SMS CHAT No: 78887 followed with the word LINES

IRELAND SMS CHAT NO: 57252 followed with the word LINES

AUSTRALIA SMS CHAT NO: 1977 1977 followed with the word LINES

Max of 2 messages will be allowed per question.