Tarot Cards are cards with images of Ancient Symbols. These rich symbols can illuminate situations around you and therefore provide a clearer understanding to Tarot Card Readers for events taking place in your daily life. Tarot Cards will provide an insight into all aspects of your daily life through which the Tarot Card Reader will provide you with wealth of knowledge and insight into the challenging events of your life.

Tarot Card Readings are conduct through Tarot Cards. A deck of cards is made of 78 cards. They are split between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana is considered as Big Secrets as it skilfully depicts the Psychological World and interprets the Subjective World i.e. our happiness, sorrows, passion, joys etc.

The Minor Arcana is then split into two further parts. These are Court Cards and Numbered Cards. They both deal with the Objective External World. Tarot Card Readings conducted through numbered cards will usually offer foresight into the events around you and Court Cards will derive the influencing effects of those events, which will tell you how people are having an effect on your situation.

Journey of the Soul

Tarot is known as the ‘Journey of the Soul’. Tarot Card Meanings is a wonderful tool for understanding your Psychic Energy and Spiritual Energy at a deeper level. What one must understand is that our Spiritual Pathway is always unfolding depending on the choices you make. This divination toolkit enables the Tarot Reader through Tarot Cards Meanings to find underlying causes of our issues.

For example; Love is normally an area which we all give a lot of time and energy to. Therefore the Card of Lovers will illustrate the true and correct power of imagery of the Tarot. An accomplished Psychic Reader will use their Psychic Abilities and intuition to enlighten you to the big secrets of your Love Relationship. A Love Reading will usually unfold significant and impartial guidance, which will normally invoke new ways of thinking, which in return will trigger a new approach in our Psyche to go about our current state of affairs. This usually in turn will give you a feeling of liberation and freedom, which will result in you taking positive forward steps. We recommend you write down your questions before you call us, this way you will have clarity in your approach and result.

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