Runes are the letters in a set of Runic Alphabets. These were letters used to write various Germanic languages, and then later the Anglo Saxons adopted these letters in their language of Latin. After the study of Runic Alphabets, they were then used to conduct studies of Runic Inscriptions, Runestones, Rune Stones and there history. This is all known as Runology.

Rune was later then adopted by Psychics to further advance their ability to look into the super natural world and make connections with the Spirit Guides. Rune Readings are arrangements of the 24 rune letters of the old Futhark alphabet. The layout of the them is also known as a spread and it will determine what each Rune will refer to, i.e. in a three norns-spread, the first Rune will represent the Past, the second represents the Present, and the third will represent the Future. Each Rune has a meaning, the material is which the Rune are carved can colour the reading for the Reader. In most cases people will use Stone, Ceramic and Wood. For a Rune Reader to broaden your experiences, they will offer Readings with Gold, Jade, Ice, Spirit and Stone Runes.

Different Types of Runes

A Gold Rune is normally for questions based on business, career and any property. A Jade Rune will be used for questions about love, friendship and relationship. Ice will be used for any questions about struggle, conflict and achievement. Sprit are used for questions about mysticism, spirituality and religion and finally Stone  are used for questions about the natural world and matters/things beyond the human control.

Runes is an ancient and powerful way of providing a Reading. The Rune open up Psychic awareness. Runes Reading is given through 24 tiles or stones that contain primitive carvings of letters and characters. A Rune Reading can be highly beneficial and uplifting. At PsychicLines we have trained and highly accomplished Rune Readers to give you a Reading. Give us a call and one of our Psychic Rune Readers will be happy to help you.

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