The word Clairvoyant actually means ‘Clear Vision’. It’s roots are embedded in the French language, ‘Clair meaning Clear’ and ‘Voyance meaning Vision’, which is also known as Clairvoyance. We as humans know that there is more to our world then what our senses will allow us to comprehend albeit believe. With the advances made in science and engineering, we can utilise certain tools to see the evidence of certain elements and sounds that are beyond our visionary and hearing capabilities e.g. we cannot see Ultra Violet Light-but we know it does exist; the frequency of a dog whistle which only dogs can hear. Just like that, Clairvoyants are people who have through their Psychic Abilities mastered the art and skill to see clear images from the Spiritual World, Super Natural and Earthly World.

Clairvoyants are Psychics who have the ability to see pictures, images, colours, objects through their brow chakra. This is where a Clairvoyant has the natural Psychic Ability to interpret what they see outside of their five senses and enables them to manifest that which is invisible to the human eye in either forms i.e. as we know them or as abstracts. These images will usually appear in the Brow Chakra, which is also known as the ‘Mind’s Eye’ or 3rd eye, of a developed intuitive Clairvoyant. Each picture is individually interpreted by the Clairvoyant Reader which is unique and individual to them. Most people require Clairvoyant Readings to help connect for Special Guidance for the Present and the Future. Those whom have had Clairvoyant Readings before and are accustom to it, will usually stay connected, so it may continue to be a beacon of guidance for their Present and Future.

Psychic Clairvoyants will commonly piece together images, pictures, objects etc in a mind movie like manner, by asking questions related to your past, present and future. This process then provides the Psychic Clairvoyant Reader a much clearer story in reference to you.

What’s truly amazing about Clairvoyance is that a Psychic Clairvoyant will have no logical and or practical reason to interpret any of the images. Therefore know anything about the situation being discussed between yourself and the Psychic Clairvoyant Reader. The interpretation of those images will come from a connection of multiple energies, which will develop deeper and deeper as the Reading progresses. Albeit in turn will reveal more and more details with every minute as the Psychic Reader forges a stronger and deeper connection with the Spirit World (this is where the spirits will then guide the Reader) and the universal energy source.


Psychic Readings associated with Clairvoyance will usually have a emotional and spiritual impact on your life, as these readings will open up new senses. A Psychic Clairvoyant Reader will usually connect you to the Spirit Guides in connection to whom you are asking questions off. This is achieved by linking you with the energies around them by voice vibration and the energy fields which are surrounded by humans and objects alike. These energies are also known as Auras.

An Aura will usually appear in virtual colour forms around you and objects. Each colour will then give off a different energy, which will then be decrypted by the Psychic Clairvoyant Reader to interpret and relay the emotions, feelings and the mood of the individual and or situation to you.

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