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How to prepare for a Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings from only
£1.50 per min + network charges
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*All calls recorded
*Callers may be 18+ and have bill payer permissions
*For Entertainment purposes only


We advise you to follow the following guidelines in preparing for a Psychic Reading:-

1) It’s best practice to always de-clutter the mind and ensure you are calm, cool and collected before your Psychic Reading.
2) Remove any distractions and keep yourself from being distracted.
3) Think about your issues and all the questions you have relating to them.
4) Think about what’s important to you, your family, partner, friends and once you have thought through fully, then you are ready for a Reading.

It’s good practice to have a notepad and pen ready before you conduct your Psychic Reading. In-case you need to note down any important pointers the Psychic may give you. Take yourself in a quite spot and make the call to one of our Psychic Readers.

Best of Luck with your Psychic Reading and we Wish you a Happy, Joyful, Prosperous Life.

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