How psychic readings work

howitworksWe have Psychic Readers available 24/7 ready to take your call. We have some of the Worlds Best, most Trusted and Well Acclaimed Psychic Readers ready to help you by looking into your affairs and providing you with a very Uplifting Reading.

A Reading is when a Psychic will make contact through their Spiritual Guides by establishing contact with your Spirit Guides. They in return will let the Psychic know what your Past, Present and Future holds for you.

At we have tried to simply that contact with you and our Psychics. There are 2 telephone methods by which you can contact our Psychics:-

1) By simply calling our number [for your country] and entering the pin of the Psychic you wish to speak to, or you can just speak to the next available Psychic.

2) You can call our great value for money pre-payment card number [relevant to your Country] and buy a minute bundle package by simply entering your card details after every prompt. The other method is by clicking here and purchasing your minutes bundle online (we advise you take a note of your User ID and PIN, if you are a new customer and use the same details to purchase more minutes in the future).

The best way to have a Psychic Reading, is to first think about your questions. Once fully thought through, then find a moment when you are completely calm and in a quite environment with a notepad to take any key important notes.

We wish you all a Happy, Joyful, Prosperous and a long lasting life.

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