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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Due to the full moon in your social sector, it may kick-start your Valentine’s month. It’s more likely then not to bring sizzle and fun your way. Your feelings may be very intense with a lively vibe showing up to you as you may also be surprised when a delightful encounter comes and knocks your socks off. However be very cautious at work and don’t confuse this prospect with flattery from sincerity. Therefore your best advised is to weigh up someone’s words before you commit or respond. Finally, your creativity can gain you new clients if that’s what you’re looking for.


Virgo Weekly Horoscope

If you apply yourself at work and upon your daily routines, you’ll find it rewarding and will reap the rewards. This is also a good time for you to look at your life style, in particular your diet and exercise regime. If you have been working on your diet and exercise but are not seeing the results, then you would be best advised to hire a personal trainer or join the gym.  You are best advised not to taking on to many responsibilities, especially this week, however give yourself some time to think things through to make some decisions.


Leo Weekly Horoscope

If you have a particular skill, then this is a good time to ignite inspirational, creative and snappy ideas for your specific skill or ability. Due to the current alignment, this would be an opportune moment to brush up on your skills and talents, as they may be rewarding and possibly earn you some extra cash. You may also find your eager to discover new outlets for pleasure and entertainment. You will also have that lucky feeling, which will be quite real, so it’s good for your to take a chance and see what your luck has in store for you. Be very cautious on Sunday as it could be quite intense and tough for you. So avoid petty arguments and try to stay clam and relax.


Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Your urge to explore new options and expand your horizons is quite strong, however, financial concerns might slow you down. Your best advised where finances are concerned, to look more closely on making your money work harder for you. If you have bright and inspirational ideas, your best bit is to try them as you may find they will be more rewarding and lucrative. You may also be eager to sample new experiences, which may mean you will have to travel. This would also be a good time to relax.


Gemini Weekly Horoscope

You will start this month with the main thrust of your energy being put into career and social related options. It will seem as if your calendar is filling up making weekend plans and you will rather excitingly be in anticipation of these plans. One particular relationship could take a turn for the better if you’re prepared to work hard at it. The presence of Saturn and Sagittarius hints that a stable relationship is possible where business is concerned, this in turn could contribute to your success.


Taurus Weekly Horoscope

This is not the time to be focusing on any relationship issues. You may have a certain relationship issue, but your best advised to put it aside and focus on work and career goals. Sometimes things are best left alone, as there is a good chance that matters will sort themselves out by the weekend. If you decide to go out this week, you may find that your social life notches up a few amps. It will also help clear your mind from worries and uplift your mood and spirit. You may also need to give your domestic project a little push to get it going.


Aries Weekly Horoscope

You’ll spend time with friends this week, which you will find energeticcarefree and relaxing. If you turn on your charm, you may discover it will promote your personal interest. However, if you choose the opposite, no matter how much time you spend socializing with a particular love interest, you’ll find spending time alone is more cherishing and rewarding. It will be in your interest to spend time relaxing and contemplating on what’s ahead. Friday might be worth being out and about as the weekend mood will take over.


Pisces Weekly Horoscope

An opportunity to show yourself and prove your worth could enhance your recognition. You may find luck might come from somewhere to help bring recognition to your image. In any event, you will have reason to feel good. Feelings are quite deep and complex in your love life, which is why you might find it troublesome communicating to a significant individual. If you choose not to make this a problematic issue, you will find you will have a lot of fun with this significant individual, whom in turn could end up being someone quite special.


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

This week please ensure you have your facts straight, otherwise you may end up in a compromising tangle. There is a time and place for opinions and your entitled to have yours, but remember so are others. As Mercury is in the retrograde phase, this is not the right time to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Also, this week’s full moon may send shivers of delight onto a relationship as finally feelings spill out onto the open. Friday may hold a key potential for a date night, which may be different, especially if there is camaraderie and excitement involved.


How to change your world through Quantum Creation!

The idea that our thoughts create our reality, is the basis of cause and effect in action if we break it down scientifically. However putting it into practice and really internalising this belief often takes time. How we usually think, transpires into how we usually feel. Therefore it is our feeling and our thoughts that play a vital role in successfully changing our beliefs, our experiences and ultimately the outcome to our life.

Some call this process Quantum Creating, which is also part of our soul evolution. When one aligns their thoughts, which directly impact how you feel, this in effect changes your perception of the world around you. Therefore you need to keep focus on your inner journey and wait for your outer world to reflect that change. Which is why cause will lead to causation and ultimately to effect.

The frontal lobe of our brain makes our thoughts more real. When you dream, unless you are lucid dreaming, whatever happens around you in your dream, your experiences appear to be real, no matter how bizarre they may be. Our thoughts are energy and we know the universe is made up of energy. When you practice quantum techniques by paying a very close attention to:- 1) What you want to create, 2) how you feel about it and your near future, 3) How you visualise it, 4) Making it your goal of achievement, then you will notice your outer world start to take shape, as long as one remains steadfast and firm on their belief. Therefore at the same time through quantum creating, you are changing your mind by the way you think, how you feel, your behaviour and attitude towards life and finally, your outer world.

When you consistently start practicing this technique, you will find a lot of synchronicities start to occur as your life will start to re-arrange itself, as this is due to your reflection and new vision of your reality. Hence why it is important that through the process of quantum creating you imagine a future not only different from your past experiences, but is one that you wish to exist in. This will only happen when their is change in your internal world, which through cause and effect change your outer world. this is because the external world has to reflect the change of the internal world.

This will then literally mirror in who you are. When you imagine yourself feeling and behaving differently through your thoughts, they will then help you create a new life as this new you emerges and thereby align you with your soul purpose. Albeit, by changing your internal environment and thereby aligning your goal with your feeling, you will notice how your world changes and see how this new you reflects that change. Therefore take a leap of faith and start imagining your biggest dreams and when those synchronicities appear, you will have tangible proof you have through quantum creation changed your world.

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